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Women Vitamins co-founder

Best Vitamins for Women co founder Kersten

My art has been a means of expression for as long as I can remember.  I wrote stories and illustrated them from the time I learned to write.  I have a passion to express myself in a variety of mediums, and becoming an art teacher was just one way of following my creative path. 

I am in love with color...color defines my world.  I see color in parts...I can tell what is in the color, and how that color will vibrate with life and energy.

Art is a compulsion, that often gets put aside for "real" life....but I am determined to focus on it more, and so I am sharing this with you!

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Women Vitamins Artist's Works

Biogenetic Stars

biogenetic stars women vitamins

3rd Eye Opens

vitamins for women, 3rd eye opens


Darkness Evolved 

darkness evolved, women vitamins


At the Edge  (watercolor/collage)

vitamins for women At the Edge


Philanthropy Hormone  (watercolor/collage)

philanthrophy hormone, women vitamins

 Fruits of Define (watercolor/collage)

Fruits of Define: Women Vitamins

Womens Soul Evolving (watercolor/collage)

Fall Festival (silkscreen/watercolor pencils)

Women Vitamins: Fall Festival

Black-Eyed Susan  (digital)

Black Eyed Susan, Women Vitamins

Double Helix (watercolor/collage)

Double Helix: Vitamins for Women

Montana Boys (watercolor)

Montana Boys, vitamins for women

Yellow Tree   (digital/PhotoShop)

Green Palm  (digital/PhotoShop)