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I feel better in the summer, more connected to who I really am.  I love the feel of sunshine on my face, green turf beneath my feet, sun dried sheets upon my bed. These things give me great pleasure.  I realize that there are certain chemicals in my brain that are being boosted: serotonins, dopamine and endorphins.... truthfully, I don't care what they cause, I love the effect.

There are certain behaviors, mood-lifting tricks if you will, that can put you in a good mood---right away.  Sometimes we forget, let's take a moment and remember them, and then use them

1) Be grateful.  The attitude of gratitude is a great turn-on. Simply saying thank-you in the proper spirit can flood thebrain with dopamine and serotonin, causing feelings of calmness, contentment and security.  Be grateful for the small things that give immeasurable joy...your health, finding a parking spot, seeing a rainbow, someone responding courteously on the road. Just acknowledging the wonders of this day-to-day existence, air conditioning that works, clean water out of the tap, green leaves in the sun light, are all  uplifting.

2) Look at your beloved.  Put photos of the people or places you love on your refrigerator.  Or stick a photo in your wallet, use it as a bookmark, put it on your computer...where ever you can see it multiple times, daily.  Every time you look, you are stimulating areas of your brain responsible for euphoria and rewards. You'll produce dopamine, which creates feelings of bliss and joy. Researchers have found, however, that seeing photos of friends doesn't create the same response as seeing a photo of a loved one.  

Pets bring companionship and lessen stress... Women Vitamins

3) Pet a pet.  Living with a pet can reduce stress and hypertension.  Merely petting an animal for several minutes causes a significant rise in seotonin as well as the  mood-lifting hormones prolactin and oxytocin.    


4) Make love. Sexual activity drives up levels of dopamine, the chemical responsible for feelings of pleasure, and increases oxytocin and vasopressin, hormones that make you feel closer to your mate and produces feelings of relaxation.  Orgasms produce a rise in norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that supplies you with energy, focus, positive feelings and motivation.

5) Listen to music. Music triggers activity in the parts of the brain that ignites feelings of euphoria and makes you feel optomistic, and best of all it doesn't matter what type of music you listen to, because your own favorite music produces the best responses.

6) Walk. The sunshine's UV rays can trigger endorphin production, It can feel so good, that some people get addicted to tanning beds.  Take a 10 minute walk outside and also get the benefits of vitamin D production that is known to fight depression.  Open up the curtains or blinds and let the sun shine in.

7) Laugh.  Daily laughter should be part of your anti-aging, healthy-living routine.  Laughing can boost endorphin production by 27%.  It's true, laughter is the best medicine.

8) Be helpful.  Volunteering produces a state of well-being, and that glow of self-satisfaction.  The longer you volunteer, the bigger the rush of endorphins.

9) Breathe deeply.  Deep breathing encourages lung health, reduces stress and makes you feel centered.  Aromatherapy is based on the view that certain smells trigger certainly bodily or emotional responses. The scent of vanilla triggers the release of serotonins that encourages calmness and serenity, as does sandalwood and rosemary.

Exploring Colorado, Women Vitamins

10) Be brave.  Do something unfamiliar.  Your brain's reward pathways respond more strongly to feelings of anticipation, unexpectedness, and surprise than they respond to enjoyable activities with a predictable outcome.  

Good moods equal good times.  Go out of your way and your comfort zone to create experiences of joy, peace, and pleasure.  

Savor the moments, be safe, be healthy, take your WomenVitamins and be blessed, Kersten

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