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Ever stared entranced at the shelves full of supplements at the health food, grocery or discount stores?  It's  hard to weed out the supplements you want for specific purposes from all the thousands of supplements out there.

When you are working out, you may want to know if there are supplements that are specifically helpful to your workout.  

  1. Some people think that whey protein shakes are only for the guys, but get that out of your head, ladies.  P3 Protein Shakes by Women Vitamins is my breakfast nearly every morning.  I make a fruit smoothie with a scoop of P3 powder, 8 ounces of whole milk, and the fruit of my choice.  I love getting wild with my combinations, raspberries or strawberries with the chocolate whey powder; bananas or peaches with the vanilla.  Raspberries and peaches is great too.  I am amazed by how satisfied I feel during the day, and how my cravings for sweets and chocolate have really almost disappeared.  I also feel totally energetic and ready to physically and mentally face what ever the day has in store for me.   I believe that the protein has also assisted with some fat loss around my middle, and in the development of a leaner me.  I have also shifted into the smaller, multiple meals per day.  I still eat a fairly normal dinner, because my daughter is a great cook, and I like the tradition of one family meal whenever possible.
  2.  I take a multivitamin called: A-Z Complete Liquid Vitamins by Women Vitamins every morning, because I think it helps me through my day.  I eat veggies and fruit, but I know that our foods nutritional value is significantly less these days.   I also know that many of our basic fruits and veggies are contaminated with pesticides and fertilizers.  I can tell the difference when I don't take them. Also knowing that I am getting over 70 trace minerals along with the 11 vitamins is a comfort, because I know that when I am working out my body has a great requirement for them.  And my product is SPECIFICALLY designed for women.
  3. A lot of athletes use creatine, a substance naturally found in meat.  I have not ever tried it.  I know it is supposed to create strong muscles.  Creatine helps the body store and utilize energy.  It is there for you when you are at the end of your energetic rope.  Creatine can cause temporary water retention, that supposedly helps move nutrients to muscles.  Some people notice weight loss after ceasing the use of creatine, and believe that the underlying muscles then show more definition. 
  4. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are important.  You can take a combination of flax oil, borage oil and fish oil for good results.  These essential fatty acids are great for cardiovascular health and cognitive function and also help your body with joint flexibility and with the rebuilding of cells.
  5. Vitamins A, C, and E are basic antioxidants that reduce the harmful effects of stress by helping the body eliminate toxins and should be a basic part of any workout and anti-aging regime.
  6. Glucosamine and chondroitin help build the "ground substance" of joint cartilage, with collagen being the other major component. Since the body can make glucosamine only slowly, taking it as a supplement may effectively speed the healing of joints after exercise.   Glucosamine is a supplement used to support flexibility and mobility of the  joints. Research has shown that the more flexibility , the greater range of motion joints and muscles have, which means better results when strength training. Furthermore, if you have knee, shoulder, back pain, or arthritis, you may want to supplement with this natural product (generally found in shells of shellfish and animal marrow). 
  7. Finally, don't forget the importance of sleep in the muscle building process.  During sleep muscles repair, recover, and grow; so deep sleep is necessary.  If you have trouble sleeping you may want to try melatonin to assist with your circadian rhythms.

Hang in there!  The workouts are working, you are getting better, fitter, healthier.

Be safe, be healthy, take your Women Vitamins, and be blessed, Kersten

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