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Ever wondered if thin people think differently than heavier people?  I don’t know if any research has been done on that issue but here are some thin thoughts, that might help you start a thinner mindset.

1. Enjoy your food.  When eating, focus on eating.  Turn off the distractions of TV or phone.  Sit down with a pretty setting of dishes and utensils, placemat and decoration and enjoy the experience of eating. Savor the flavors and textures of your food. 
2. Cook your own food when possible.  There is an appreciation for the food when it is prepared by you for you.  Enjoy color and taste combinations.  Buy fresh and then use it up while it’s fresh.  Remember that the healthiest foods are those closest to nature...a frozen dinner or Twinky is not close to nature.
3. Calm down! Hunger pangs are not emergency calls.  Eat slowly, it takes 15 minutes for your brain to register that the stomach has been fed. Portion control does work.  Eating more, smaller meals based on proteins and vegetables will reduce the feelings of hunger.

4. Make exercise a part of your normal, daily routine.  Think of it as a user-friendly way of feeling good about yourself….don’t let it be a chore…play with exercise like you did when you were a kid….have fun.
5. Don’t feel guilty about an occasional indulgence.  It’s okay to have fun and delight in living.  A little Hershey Kiss is a great way to enjoy the sensations of chocolate....and you CAN only eat just one!
6. When planning activities with friends, think past the food….plan actual activities…dancing, bowling, hiking, biking….
7. Toss out the scale…being compulsed to weigh yourself every day is a downer.  Being healthy and thin means being comfortable in your body. You know when you are overweight.  Life in your body should be fairly effortless.  You know when you are toting the equivalent of a sack of dog food around with you.  
8. Learn to listen to your body.  It has a lot to tell you if you take the time to hear what it is trying to say.
9. Consider your nutritional base and supplement it with vitamins and minerals.  Today’s food is less nutritious than it was 20 years ago.  Find a good source of vitamins like Womens Vitamins, which also contains colloidal minerals.  Also be aware of the benefits of supplementing your protein intake.  P3: Protein Shakes for Women is a great source of whey isolate proteins.
10. Don’t fixate or brood on being heavy, or your diet, or your diet failures.  Don’t hem yourself in with negative thoughts….take the time to day dream, plan a vacation, work on writing a book, poetry or a song. Embrace the here and now.  Catch up on old friends with Facebook, start a blog.  Be creative…breathe positive energy in and out of your daily life.

Think beyond your box…visualize yourself as a thin person, and become that thinner person on the inside as well as the outside.
Be healthy, be happy, take your Vitamins for Women , and be blessed, Kersten
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