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Today is Sunday, that sweet, second day of the weekend, that passes by too quickly and deposits us on Monday's doorstep way too soon

I started thinking about those Sundays of my childhood.  Sundays filled with church, then great aunts and great uncles...and of course food and laughter.  I seem to remember those Sundays as seemingly long and lazy days.  Women gathered in the kitchen to cook and clean and chatter about life and babies and recipes.  The men took up the front room or the porch, smoking cigars or pipes, telling stories, laughing deep belly laughs at jokes, watching football or baseball. 

We kids flitted between the two worlds of men and women....fascinated by what we could hear and see and taste and learn.  How I wish I could transmute myself back in time to spend one more Sunday in Wisconsin. 

By comparison, we have lost those Sundays.  We are fettered and fretted by computers, PDAs, cell phones, and all sorts of technology that nag at us to constantly work, reply, resend, review, revamp... You know what I mean...we are compulsed and addicted.

So I think we should designate Sunday as the new official technology  addict recovery day. I highly recommend taking time away from your computer and phone to enjoy the sunshine, life, friends, church, food, and our families.

If you are having a particularly difficult withdrawal day, here are some technology addict recovery steps:

  1. Read a book
  2. Take a long walk
  3. Lay on your back and look at the clouds
  4. Make fresh-squeezed lemonade
  5. Find the big dipper
  6. Play tag with your kids
  7. Paint a picture with watercolors
  8. Call a friend you haven't talked to in a while
  9. Call your parents
  10. Savor a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and breath

Re-create those childhood days and give your own children some Sunday memories of their own.  health and happy times, women vitamins

Take care of yourself, take care of your health, take your women vitamins and Be Blessed,  Kersten

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live well, blessing, women vitamins

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